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We are proud to announce the American Film Archive, Royalty Free Stock Footage is available from levelsofdetail.com this is the first of many new libraries we are collecting!

This collection of twelve CD ROM or three DVD - features clips of rare old vintage footage from animals, war, disaster, and westerns . Enough clips to make your own movie, these archives represent full resolution royalty free clips for editors and web designers. These clips can cost up to $100 per second from a stock footage house, this collection is the first home editor stock library at this price range.

Currently $75.00 ea. - three for $175- or the complete library for $499.00

This royalty free footage has been digitaly cleaned with a high end DVNR (Digital Video Noise Reduction). The orignal master footage is from 1" video and or D2 and was captured to DV stream in Final Cut Pro. Suggested retail price is $75.00 per CD. The footage may not be resold and is protected under US law (AFA)American Film Archive Copyright 2002-07. Free USPS Priority shipping on all US stock footage orders. The footage on these CD's is 720 x 480 dv streams that can be imported or drag and dropped into Apple's Final Cut Pro and i-movie without any rendering required. The footage can also be used with any Quicktime DV editer on both mac and Intel computers. .

Visit our Secure Storefront here: https://store.musicgroups.com/

For special discount pricing use the three banners listed below, pay for the order and send an e-mail to discount@levelsofdetail.com discribing the volumes you have ordered, we will send a conformation prior to shipping. All US orders include USPS Priority shipping

3 Volume Price $175.00


6 Volume Price $300.00


12 Volume Price $499.00


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